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The advent of 4th of July reminds me of what Franklin D. Roosevelt said about freedom, “In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.” The same can be said for success in any earnest endeavor. And Saviance has been steadily achieving success in its endeavors which is amply evident in the range of honors that have been coming our way in the recent months. After being recognized by the National Minority Supplier Development Council in New York & New Jersey, Houston and New Jersey, we have also been recognized by the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council as an MBE.
Saviance is also proud to be the Corporate Partner Sponsor at the Business Expo being held by NMSDC in New York. In this issue you will also read about how Viburnix is making waves for our corporate and education clients, our new office in Atlanta, our expertise in Big Data and the Tech Trend on Enterprise Mobility amongst other news.
Let me close by wishing you a happy 4th of July once again!

Arpan Gujral
Saviance is the Annual MBE Partner Sponsor for the upcoming Business Opportunities Expo 2013 being held on 19-20 June 2013 at New York Marriot Marquis. This year marks the 40th year of The Council and the Expo’s theme, The Minority-Majority: A New Value Proposition,

Saviance at the NSMDC Business Opportunities Expo 2013
explores the impact of a multicultural America on minority business development. It reflects the changing demographics in America and the influence
this population on the consumer marketplace. And with Saviance as one of the leading Annual MBE Partner Sponsor, our team members will get the opportunity to network with Fortune 100 and 200 companies.
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After being recognized by the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, India Saviance has been nominated by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Program as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Asia Pacific region in 2012.

Saviance Awarded by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific
Saviance Technologies was recognized as one of the top 500 companies across the technology landscape in Asia Pacific, who with their innovative business models, technological superiority and quality of human resources, have managed to ride the wave of economic growth whilst being resilient in the face of economic downturns. The important thing to note is that despite the presence of two Internet companies in
this year’s top five fastest-growing companies, Software ranked second as a leading growth sector, up to 119 entrants from 87 in 2011.
Rohit Mahajan, Managing Director, Saviance Technologies said, “After being the recipient of the Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 India 2012 Program, we are delighted to be nominated by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2012 Program. I am certain that our focus on research and innovation at our Global development Centers is the key factor that Saviance is receiving such recognition time and again.
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flagship product that is aimed at building vibrant communities is making waves in both the corporate and the education sectors. With a keen focus on leveraging the power of alumni and successful networking, Viburnix enables institutions of all sizes to connect with their alumni and empower themselves to achieve more by investing less.
Currently we are implementing this collaborative alumni management system for our corporate client: Schneider Electric. By utilizing this innovative cutting-edge tool, Schneider will be able to leverage their professional network as a collaborative tool. This will enable them to function in a more efficient and productive manner.
We have also added more value to one of our previous implementations for Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad (MICA) through the new feature of Social Media Integration. The single sign-in feature allows the user to access the alumni portal as well as popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. This enables the users to be connected to their communities with minimal effort.
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Saviance Technologies was recognized by as one of the Top 500 Diversity owned Businesses in the US at the glittering award ceremony held at Wynn Resort in Vegas on 26th April. The main thrust of this annual conference is a keen examination of the concept of
multiculturalism as a positive aspect of a global world and globalized society. This year’s conference at Vegas brought together over 1,000 entrepreneurs, corporate executives, government officials and educational practitioners from all over the US.
James Patterson, VP-Sales & Marketing, Saviance Technologies receiving the Business Diveristy Award from Kenton Clarke, Founder, President & CEO at
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Every date 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being generated and only 1% has been harnessed so far. Will the 4 V’c of Big data – Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity really help capture the unknown depth of learning and turn a $18B industry to $50B in the next 5 years?

Big Data at Saviance
Big data is considered a synonym to Analytics; however, it is much more than just a visual representation of data. It is an opportunity to find insights on the emerging types of content, a platform to reshape
the approach to market. Organizations now have the ability and agility to unlock significant information on performance and accuracy by creating and storing transactional data in digital form. This approach also helps organizations tailor products and services for their niche and narrower market segmentation.
In an era where information is all digital and open, healthcare is also undergoing a dramatic change. There has been a very recent demand for insights in the world of healthcare; not only to
improve cross-segment collaboration between the payers and providers; but also to increase awareness about patient information being shared among patients themselves. Both, payers and providers; are now beginning to analyze this data and address the challenges of variance in quality and cost of care.
With the cost of system rapidly increasing in the past two decades, there has been a continuous focus on lowering cost of care. With the lack of information sharing in the existing systems neither patients have access to their own data nor the payers their reimbursement level. A Harris Interactive Poll from September 2012 highlighted the fact that despite all wishes, only 17% of patients report having access to their records, 12% can email their doctors and only 11% can manage their appointments online.
Insights generated via big data will help organizations;
  • Measure and improve the quality of treatment
  • Manage and valuate cost
  • Increase patient satisfaction; by making patients more aware of their own illness & helping them take an active part in their own treatment
The importance of big data is realized in the deep learning that it facilitates through its predictive analysis. To learn more, please write to us at
Saviance has launched its new office at Atlanta. With a sharp focus on local delivery, our increased presence in the US further strengthens our capability to deliver quality projects within the timelines agreed upon on.

Saviance opens its Atlanta Office
Rohit Mahajan, Managing Director and President of Saviance Technologies was recently covered by the Wharton Healthcare Quarterly. This is a leading publication that deals with the latest and the most innovative technologies that are transforming the healthcare space in the
US. Rohit was profiled as an illustrious member of the alumni of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Rohit Mahajan covered by Wharton HealthCare Quarterly
SharePoint services, more notably the latest SharePoint Server 2013 is great, simply because it offers comprehensive solutions to all your information maintenance needs under one roof. Well, who wouldn’t like to have a service that lets users create, translate, and maintain content in different domains in the internet and intranet space? That is what the SharePoint Server 2013 lets you do! And the best part is: you can now build your own app solution without causing any negative impact on your existing hosted model. This is made possible by the SharePoint App.

Basically, there are three SharePoint application development models:
  • SharePoint-hosted Self-Hosted Azure Web App
  • Self-Hosted
  • Azure Web App

Saviance is a Microsoft Certified Partner
Here is an app exclusively which can effectively handle the inactive files in your site. Just incorporate this app in your site; it will segregate the files in different domains. Of course, the distribution will be more focussed on areas where your app resides. When a user accesses your app, he or she will be redirected to a page where the App can be used. The SharePoint-Hosted App is good, mainly because it doesn’t require any server coding.
This app moves your files to an external server. So, users who are trying to access your app will be redirected to a page on the external server, where your app resides. You can run custom codes, but it can be done only on the external server. One thing you’ll love about this app is that, it doesn’t need a Windows server. Plus it comes with controlled upgrading options.
Just like the Self-hosted app, the Azure Web App too can be hosted in an external server. It also gives you the option to run custom code. One reason why this app is different from its counterparts is because; users who try to gain access to your app will be redirected to Azure which is a premium service. Apart from the cost, this app has more capabilities and flexibilities.

Digital Marketing Services by Saviance
The education sector is a completely revolutionized sector since the majority of the population of students are the users of the internet. This has a direct implication on the fact that educational institutions and universities need to make increased use of the internet and mobile devices to reach out to more students. And digital marketing is the best method that can be adopted by the educational institutions to reach out to prospective students.
Digital marketing enables the educational institutions to make use of the power of social media. Various social media sites can be used to share the information with a global audience. This information can be shared in the form of pictures as well as videos. The presence of such information on social networking sites is instrumental in influencing the decision making process of the students. One of the main reasons why educational institutions can make use of social media is the fact that 99% of the student population has presence on the social networking websites.
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Mobility has always been an important part of a business enterprise. With the changing business dynamics and the advanced needs of an enterprise, mobility has been developed in such a manner that it has reached a point of no looking back. Today, enterprise mobility encompasses the use of a plethora of devices including smart phones, tablets and several other devices that make it possible for the employees to be connected always wherever they are.

There are however a few challenges that enterprise mobility faces. This is because users select devices, install their apps, and work when and where they please. In general, results are positive, but many dangers lurk with this freedom. Many measures are needed to ensure security while allowing mobility to enhance productivity.

Enterprise Mobility at Saviance
  • The biggest nightmare associated with mobility is company data that flows into a wide variety of mobile devices and applications, many of which were not built to meet enterprise standards. Supporting mobility while at the same time keeping data safe and secure is daunting and requires new approaches.
  • Ensuring a quality user experience for both employees and consumers is going to change the way that applications are built. Not everything that is possible on a desktop application or on a web site must be on a mobile device, but the user experience must be pleasing and consistent. The same underlying business process must be exposed in an appropriate way.
  • Mobility will change business processes as different types of work migrate to the people and locations best suited for them. Indeed, these process changes may be the engine of the largest impact of mobility, as information becomes available when needed and needless delays are eliminated. Such changes represent a significant challenge to the design of business processes and to the structure of existing applications.
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