Patient Intake Tablet
Patient Intake TabletThe Saviance Patient Intake Tablet is an innovative solution that digitizes the first point of care for patients. It automates the entire Intake Process and significantly reduces scope of error while collecting vital insurance information and full patient history. The Saviance Patient Intake Tablet is a cutting edge mobile integrated solution for Physicians’ Practices and Retail Clinics. Our secure cloud based solution ensures that it gives our client the maximum advantage with minimum investment. The Saviance Patient Intake Tablet ensures ROI and increases productivity significantly by enabling patient engagement through process automation.

Out with the Clipboards!

Digitize paper forms with an inbuilt workflow engine
Save staff time & cost of manual data entry
Encourage patient engagement
Improve patient outcomes & reduce cost
Enable legible & the latest patient data submission
Integrate with EHR and EMR systems
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Saviance is making waves in the Healthcare IT domain with the success of its innovative and cutting edge healthcare products and solutions. Patient Intake Tablet: an innovative solution that digitizes the first point of care for patients has been received successfully. We have also launched several websites for prominent healthcare providers and are working closely with some clients to launch their Patient Portals for Wellness.

Apart from these updates, this edition of Connexion brings to you news of our newest felicitation as a Top 100 Diversity Business in New Jersey, our expertise in ICD 10 Testing, our presence at the HIMSS14 Regional Conference at Dallas, our latest SharePoint Migration Tool, and more.

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Top 100 Diversity Owned Business

Saviance Technologies has recently been awarded by as one of the Top 100 Diversity Owned Businesses in New Jersey, US. This prestigious list offers the most comprehensive look at the strongest segment of the United States economy - America's privately held companies. These companies are the most recognized and respected which truly differentiate themselves in our indeterminate market place. This esteemed list has been highly coveted by corporations, government agencies and educational institutions who desire to increase opportunities with diversity-owned businesses.

Commenting on this recognition, Rohit Mahajan, President & CEO, Saviance Technologies said, “It is an honor to be listed among the prestigious Top 100 Diversity Owned Businesses in NJ. This will not only open up a lot of doors of opportunity for us but will also boost the respect and reputation we have earned over the past 15 years as an accomplished and innovative organization.”

ICD 10 Testing Services
The change in the date of complying with the ICD-10 system from October 1, 2013, to October 1, 2015 has numerous implications. The most important of which is the dilemma that Providers are facing about how to make the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 in a simple and effective manner. Since, ICD 10 testing is a very lengthy and complex proposition, a comprehensive ICD-10 testing framework requires multiple types of testing at different stages with different complexities. To achieve neutrality and progress in the ICD-10 transition, Saviance follows the Six Key Strategies:
Adopt a more streamlined and strategic approach to managing test data
Focus business readiness testing on the highest-risk scenarios
Ensure business experts are heavily involved
Represent the organization’s actual business ecosystem
Invest the effort up front to set up the test environment correctly
Automate test result analysis to accommodate the sheer volume of testing required

Team ICD 10 at Saviance works on the identification of relevant ICD codes for optimizing test coverage, including maximum usage, maximum reimbursement, etc. We facilitate ICD-10 QA using dual coded medical records and deliver end-to-end Internal & External Testing. By assuring smooth ICD-10 transition, while maintaining clinical & financial neutrality, we provide comprehensive ICD-10 support services to help ease the transition, including on-site business and technical support and 24x7 Help Desk. Write to us at

Building Wellness Communities

Providers are increasingly recognizing the importance of engaging and self-sustaining patient communities. While doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers can effectively encourage and guide patients while they are in the clinic, the “inter-visit period” is a big challenge. Thus patients need an engaging and vibrant space to connect with one another, communicate about their experiences, monitor their progress and advance collaboratively. From an integrated health systems standpoint, Patient Engagement is crucial for providers. Patient Engagement Portals increase patient understanding and ownership of their medical issues.

iHealthConnect is a comprehensive mobile integrated, cloud based Patient Portal Software that equips providers, insurers, employers and caregivers with a clear strategic advantage. This gives the organizations the power to create active patient communities, shape ideas, generate interest and strengthen their brand image. Learn more:

Responsive is the way forward!
The Saviance Center of Excellence has been involved with developing a SharePoint Migration Tool for a prestigious multinational consumer goods company. The basic requirements of the client included migrating content from the previous MOSS sites to the new SharePoint 2010 version, taking business buy in and conduct migration for respective owners as per their availability, reduction of human error, data loss and total time for the migration as well as content re-structure in some areas.

The migration tool was also meant to help migrate users and allow permission from the SharePoint site by taking care of the site and library level permissions from the MOSS 2007 site to the 2010 site. Team Saviance has successfully developed and implemented this SharePoint Migration Tool for the client and is developing it further to enable other clients leverage the benefits of this tool. Learn

Responsive is the way forward!

At Saviance, we truly believe in the value of design and user experience as the differentiator for any upcoming or existing product in today’s Healthcare IT landscape. The Saviance UXD team has recently delivered 4 web-responsive websites to prominent healthcare providers. Each of the websites has been designed and developed using the Saviance SMART Framework. We use this framework to understand the needs of a business, and intuitively address the need of the consumers through the application’s information architecture and interactive design. We work through an integrated approach that combines:
The key highlight of the four websites that we have launched is a web-responsive interactive layout that enhances user experience and improves user adoption. The users can easily navigate and find relevant information on the site and can register themselves to make their subsequent experiences more personalized. The feature for promoting events held by the organization offers the users the option to sign up and participate in events via registration. Other key features include communicating sponsorship opportunities, enabling donations, and sharing details of the event with others though social media integration. The comprehensive features of these websites enable healthcare providers to connect with their audience in an interactive manner. The websites enable the providers to reach out to a wider audience and help shape ideas, generate interest and strengthen their brand image. Learn more:

Responsive is the way forward!
Saviance was an exhibitor at one of the world’s most prestigious Health IT Conferences, Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Regional Conference at Dallas, TX. The 2-day educational conference held on April 22-23, 2014 was launched with the theme “Healthcare IT Innovation – It’s a BIG Deal”. This was the 6th Annual Regional Conference with over 700 healthcare IT professionals in attendance. As an Exhibitor, Team Saviance got the opportunity to interact with industry stakeholders and leading thought leaders in the IT Health domain.