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Team Saviance at NYNJ Business Expo
Saviance recently attended the prestigious New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council’s 2014 Business Opportunity Expo on June 11 & 12 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ. Saviance was also one of the sponsors of this event.
This issue of Connexion brings with it warm wishes from the Saviance Team for a star-spangled, fun-filled, all American Happy Fourth of July! Amidst this revelry, we bring to you news of what’s moving and shaking the healthcare industry. This time we have articles on ICD 10 Testing, Meaningful use of EHR and the rising importance of Data Analytics. You will also read about our participation at the New York New Jersey Council’s Business Expo and other updates.

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The theme of the NYNJ Business Expo 2014 was Together Forward: Accelerating Opportunities for Business Growth, which truly captures the critical role that The Council plays in creating rewarding business relationships between corporate America and leading minority businesses in New York and New Jersey. A two day event, this expo offers attendees a fast track to strengthen their relationship building skills and harness the power of their brand through engaging programming and compelling speakers.

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Top 100 Diversity Owned Business

The way forward for EHR
Google Glass is now being used in the Healthcare space to enable a wearable mobile health record. The key idea is to enable physicians to work hands-free. This kind of technology would allow physicians at work to sync their laptops, tablets and phones with a single device. This would not just enable physicians to work hands-free, but also allow them to use technology to instantly update patient records.

For instance, doctors could take photos through voice command and update the patient’s medical record instantly, they could record videos of patient encounters or medical surgeries for documentation of staff, they could share real-time data streaming of patient meetings with other physicians, or the patient’s family members and much more.

This in turn would help them work more efficiently as they will be able to spend more time with the patient instead of processing paperwork.

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Ensuring Clinical, Financial & Operational Success
The complex and multifaceted nature of ICD-10 Testing puts healthcare organizations at significant risk – not just financially but also clinically and operationally as well. For a successful transition to ICD-10, providers and other healthcare stakeholders expect: an end-to-end testing approach that brings to the fore proven testing expertise, a deep understanding of the industry, core consulting experience along with the right tools and actual ICD-10 implementation knowledge.

As a leading provider of information technology & consulting in the healthcare space, Saviance possesses deep domain experience in both IT and Healthcare, making it an ideal partner for healthcare organizations. The end-to-end ICD-10 Testing Services offered by Saviance are based on Six Key Strategies:
Focus business readiness testing on the highest-risk scenarios
Adopt a more streamlined & strategic approach to managing test data
Ensure that a cross functional team of domain experts, application specialists, integration specialists, and QA experts is involved
Represent the organization’s actual business ecosystem
Invest the effort up front to set up the test environment correctly
Automate test result analysis to accommodate the sheer volume of testing required

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Testing: Engaging Patients Meaningfully
By implementing EHR technology and achieving meaningful use, providers are now optimizing this technology to achieve numerous goals such as, improving patient care through E-prescribing, automating recall processes for preventative services, chronic diseases follow-up and patient registries for example making registries for diabetes and coronary artery conditions.

As a healthcare service provider, Saviance helps healthcare settings and care givers the real time to attend to their patients and spend time on processes necessary to successfully register, attest and comply with MU. Here, our team of experts guide providers through the process and reduce the time cycle to get their incentive payment. We also suggest what is necessary to modify within existing practice to comply with the guidelines and ease the process of meeting with MU requirements.

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Registration Renewal Online
The Saviance Center of Excellence has been involved with developing a unique solution for the Department of Motor Vehicles of one of the leading states in the US. The main function of this app is to enable the user to register the vehicles he/she owns and to then receive alerts and reminders when the Registration of a vehicle is about to expire.

This app also provides information regarding the Insurance and Smog status of the vehicles the user owns. There are separate processes for owned vehicles and vehicles that are leased. The key feature of this app is that the user can get registration expiration alerts 75 days before the expiration date to enable the user to take steps to prevent expiry of registration. The app is now going through Phase II development which will equip it with more rich features and allow users to achieve more through this app.

Responsive is the way forward!

Saviance in Wharton Healthcare Quarterly

Rohit Mahajan, Managing Director and President of Saviance Technologies was recently covered by the Wharton Healthcare Quarterly. This is a leading publication that deals with the latest and the most innovative technologies that are transforming the healthcare space in the US. Rohit was profiled as an illustrious member of the alumni of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

The Future of Patient Care
Analytics has become an integral part of Healthcare as there is a constant pressure on healthcare providers to improve their productivity and reduce healthcare costs. The rapid advancement of technology and other factors are compelling healthcare providers to adopt advanced communication and collaboration systems across their settings. Moreover, to gain competitive edge, improve quality care, engage patients and to enhance business prospects, these healthcare providers are adopting healthcare IT solutions such as EMR, EHR and HIE.

In other words, the healthcare industry today is loaded with tons of data and numbers. The big question in front of these healthcare organizations is how to crunch these numbers and extract meaningful knowledge from health Big Data, identify and develop new decision models and how to manage Big Data.

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