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The vigor of a dynamic new year presents untold opportunities and boundless potential for new growth, more progress and higher goals. The Saviance family joins me in wishing you just such a vibrant and prosperous New Year!

With the arrival of a brand new year full of promise, Connexion brings to you news of the recently launched Patient Tablet, our participation at the Clinical Research Georgia Conference, the cutting edge field of Actionable Analytics, our presence at the HIMSS14, the new partnership with Perfecto Mobile, the Saviance Global Sales Congress and much more. Happy exploring!

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Saviance at HIMSS14

Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition 2014
Saviance will be an exhibitor at the Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition 2014, the world’s largest Health IT Conference in 2014. This conference attracts the world’s top thought leaders to engage with one another and discuss about the newest ideas in Health IT and will be held on Feb 23-27, 2014 at Orlando. As an Exhibitor at Booth Number 6190, Saviance will be interacting with industry stakeholders and thought leaders in the IT Health domain from around the world.
Hillary R Clinton, former Secretary of State, U.S. Senator from New York and First Lady of the United States, will deliver the keynote address on Wednesday, February 26. Apart from its usual agenda of staying connected and sharing knowledge with industry stakeholders, this annual conference will be the ideal place to explore innovative HIT products and services that address e-engagement with providers and patients.

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Mobile App Testing @ Saviance

Saviance Mobile Center of Excellence
The Mobile Center of Excellence at Saviance is a hub of exciting and innovative technology that includes a full suite of Mobile Application Development including Mobile App Testing. This enables us to offer clients a unique set of advantages that will enable them to make use of cutting-edge enterprise mobility solutions. With a firmly established experience in providing innovative and productive mobile solutions to enterprises around the globe, Saviance offers complete end-to-end Enterprise Mobility Solutions to our clients. The Saviance Enterprise Mobility team has been developing mobility solutions across different platforms and deploying them successfully on AWS for its large base of clients. With our Mobile Application Development Testing expertise, Saviance will also enable its clients to acquire maximum advantage with minimum investment.
Enabling Meaningful Use of IT for Healthcare
Patient Portals are fast becoming a "must-have" technology for patients as well as providers. They have become indispensable for physicians’ practices, retail clinics, big healthcare providers as well as patients. The recently launched Saviance Patient Tablet enables providers to deliver and patients to receive high quality patient care with ease and accuracy through process automation. This solution lets doctors engage with patients and share important updates on health information. The Healthcare provider offices can also achieve a lot with minimum time spent and more accuracy.

The Saviance Patient Tablet is a cutting edge mobile integrated solution for Physicians’ Practices and Retail Clinics that helps them achieve their goals of achieving wellness and population health. Our cloud based solution ensures that this one-stop-solution ensures ROI and increases productivity significantly by enabling patient engagement through process automation. The Saviance patient tablet also enables Data Analytics and Actionable Insights, which enables providers to analyse the data such as valuable reports and resources to increase profits, improve efficiency and enhance patient experience.

Engaging Patients on the move
Such innovative products in the Healthcare space have enabled Saviance to join hands with leading Healthcare organizations in the US. Recently, Saviance has become a corporate member of New Jersey Health Information Technology Extension Center (NJ-HITEC), which boasts of a user base of 6,300 Primary Care Providers (PCPs), including 4,600 PCPs who are using government certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) system in their practice and 1,432 who have met the federal EHR program requirements.
Actionable Analytics: The way forward
Put simply, Actionable Analytics is getting access to relevant data in the correct context; the ability to take action immediately, the power to acquire meaningful outcomes. The fast evolving arena of Business Intelligence and Analytics aims to make analytics ‘invisible’ or more accessible and comprehensible to employees across the organization to enable better, faster and more productive decisions.

Intelligent Data Analysis
The more universally these analytics can be utilized by business users, decision makers as well as consumers, the greater will be the actual impact on business productivity, activities and progress. This is particularly true of the Healthcare industry in the US. Given the current scenario of policy and regulatory changes that are affecting financial reimbursement and patient-care performance evaluation, healthcare organizations are being compelled to move adeptly to improve data analysis. The influx of relevant data from Electronic Health Records, emerging health information exchanges, and other data services are giving rise to the need for real-time analytic systems that can correlate structured and unstructured data and at the same time can learn, reason and offer straightforward actionable insights. In fact, the simpler, the more transparent and the more ‘invisible’ the analytics are to users, the more broadly they will be used effectively and the greater will be the impact on business activities and productivity. The Saviance Global Development Center is working on Actionable Analytics in the Healthcare domain as part of its SMAC Stack capabilities.
GMSDC Mobile App
The Saviance Mobile Center of Excellence has been working on delivering a world-class Mobility App to the Georgia Minority Business Enterprise (GMSDC). The application developed by Saviance is compatible across all operating systems and devices. Some of the features of this app include scheduling, posting events, on-the-go transactions, m-commerce, managing mobile teams, enabling collaboration & communication, social networking, reference search, etc. Our end-to-end Mobile Application Development capabilities include:
  • Cross Platform Automation: Device-agnostic scripting enables performance, monitoring, regression testing
  • Remote Device Access: Remotely access devices through any browser
  • Open APIs: Facilitates seamless integration of existing testing and development solutions
  • Rich Media Reporting Suite: Access both screenshots and video reports for Interactive, Performance and Monitoring testing activities

Mobile App for GMSDC
As a Minority Business Enterprise certified organization, Saviance has been recognized by the New York and New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council (NJ&NYMSDC) as well as by Houston (HMSDC), Georgia (GMSDC) and Dallas (DFWMSDC).
User Experience Success Stories
At Saviance, we truly believe in the value of design and user experience as the differentiator for any upcoming or existing product in today’s Healthcare IT landscape. UXD is simply defined as understanding the needs of a business, and intuitively addressing the need of the consumers of that business through an application’s information architecture and interactive design.
Tech Trend: Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is a rapidly growing industry that focuses exclusively on helping entrepreneurs and startup businesses to find capital for a smooth jump-start. Raising finances from a large number of individuals especially via Internet for supporting a cause or getting funds for a new business venture defines Crowdfunding. It is a fantastic tool for funding a startup without even taking loans or paying EMIs. Though raising capital for your start-up is the main function of crowd funding, it is also a fantastic way to gain visibility and traction online.

Some ancillary benefits related to crowd funding are:
Crowdfunding in Healthcare
Crowdfunding is proving to be a lifeline for projects in healthcare, especially scientific research projects which require excessive funding. Projects that are more philanthropic than commercial, such as cancer treatments, and others are permitted to retain any funds raised even if they do not reach their target.