New Jersey, May 15, 2018—Award-winning global healthcare technology solutions provider Saviance Technologies is pleased to announce the acquisition of Grey Matter Platform. A stealth Silicon Valley startup, Grey Matter Platform has developed a proprietary and patented machine learning e-commerce technology that levels the playing field for specialized industry businesses and provides the ability for significant competitive differentiation. Grey Matter Platform’s sophisticated business intelligence and predictive data analytics complements Saviance Technologies’ vision of simplifying healthcare by creating innovative and easy to use digital solutions for clients and creating better patient experiences. The Grey Matter Platform solution is now available to Saviance's clients, which include several of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

“Our clients have been demanding digital solutions that provide actionable insights. We are extremely pleased with the acquisition of Grey Matter Platform,” said Rohit Mahajan, founder and President of Saviance Technologies and an early investor in Grey Matter Platform. “Sri Prakash, Grey Matter Platform's founder and CTO, brings to the table an incredible track record of business foresight and deep experience in machine learning, including scraping and analyzing massive data sets to intelligently automate critical business decisions. I have to thank Akhil Subramani, co-founder of Grey Matter Platform, for inviting us to be an early investor in the company, which provided the foundation for this acquisition.”

Growing out of a customized machine learning based e-commerce platform, Sri Prakash developed Grey Matter Platform into a fully customizable solution combining customer lifecycle management, products recommendations engine, multi-tenant RFID based inventory management, customer targeting engine, and user-specific dynamic pricing engine.

“This has been an incredible journey for me, constantly acquiring new skills and looking at every setback as a transformative opportunity,” said Sri Prakash. “I am very pleased that leveraging the exceptional business development and marketing skills of Akhil Subramani, we now have an exit that creates a positive multiple factor return for our shareholders. After eight years spent developing AI and machine learning applications for enterprises, I am very excited to scale my next consumer facing venture.”

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