Why Businesses are keen to use RhoMobile

Mobility platforms are becoming a vital aspect for businesses. The market for mobile application development platform is in a period of rapid growth. Developers are investing a lot of time and money in creating powerful sets of development tools and managing different versions of each mobile application that help businesses. The RhoMobile suite which is a robust set of development tools enables businesses to build feature-rich, native enterprise applications. It gives developers more time and better tools to write smarter apps for the enterprise, quickly and reliably for all mobile operating systems. It also helps organizations to optimize their IT resources so that they can create cost-effective and innovative solutions that help businesses efficiently.

RhoMobile Suite is comprised of five Rho elements, namely:

This whitepaper focuses mainly on RhoMobile, the next evolution in Mobile Application development and its future in Mobile Computing.
What is RhoMobile?

RhoMobile is a mobile application framework which is used to develop Mobile applications from scratch. Selected as Best Startup at Interop 2009, it enables developers to use HTML and Ruby to create native iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows, © Saviance 2014 All rights reserved www.saviance.com Symbian, and Android applications. The framework in it is called Rhodes. Rhodes is a free and open source MVC-based framework which is written in Ruby under the MIT license for building native cross-platform mobile applications. Rhodes enables developers to create a native app, and porting the app in cross operating systems such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian etc.

RhoMobile Ruby Usage

There are many languages and frameworks available to build web applications, the open source framework Rhodes uses a Model-View Controller pattern where views are written using HTML 5 & CSS 3 and controllers are written in Ruby. Rhodes is the only framework that uses Ruby language to build native apps for every major smartphone operating system, be it iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian.

Today, Ruby is used mostly for web and mobile applications development because of its compelling advantages and highest possible quality for building apps.

Higher Flexibility- a variety of plugins and gems are available to reuse and modify an application rather than creating it from scratch, in response to the customer’s or project’s requirements.
High Speed of Development - quick development is especially facilitated by getting rid of repetitive coding or DRY. Consequently, development cycles in Ruby are shorter than those in other programming languages.
Scripting language- a language with a focus on simplicity and productivity, it is easy to read, write, maintain, tweak and expand. The Ruby language is under active development and support as new features, security updates and fixes are released regularly.
Cost Effectiveness- it is an open source and gives a free access to hundreds of thousands of developers as no license fee is required. Moreover, Ruby apps are often less than a third of the size of equivalent Java apps. This helps to make apps easier to maintain even after the initial productivity boost. Ruby for controllers helps make sure that economy gain is achieved. It takes less time for coders to achieve very advanced results from Ruby compared to other languages. This makes Ruby a cost-effective investment for businesses.
Multi-Platform Support - Ruby is used for all operating systems. This programming language Ruby can be ported to many platforms. With JRuby one can run Ruby applications on Java Containers which enables users to deploy it in many enterprise environments.
RhoMobile and its future in Mobile Computing

Rhomobile has transformed and remodeled the process of developing mobile applications. Rhomobile is an open-source Ruby-based mobile development framework providing organizations with easy and cost effective business mobility solutions. It not only enables developers to become more efficient and faster in application development but also enables software programmers to build applications for mobile devices using HTML and Ruby instead of proprietary languages such as Objective-C. Rhomobile’ s Rhodes framework supports development for the iOS, Windows mobile, Google Android, Symbian and Blackberry operating systems.

In today’s fast paced world mobile devices has become an absolute necessity. Until now, people and businesses have mostly used these devices for mobile voice and email. But now players in the enterprise mobility space are offering cutting edge app development and device management solutions to capture maximum market share. The app industry has matured in recent years and it is blooming year over year.

The following features give cutting edge to RhoMobile in mobile application development.

Model View Controller- most of the other frameworks in the market are based on HTML and JavaScript. However, Rhodes is Ruby-based framework, it supports Model View controller, so the code written with Rhodes is more structured and easy to understand.
Cross platform Support- Rhodes support all the devices namely, Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone and blackberry. It has a single code base where applications can be built for different smartphones without writing separate code for different types of phones.
Offline Capabilities using RhoSync- RhoMobile supports local synchronization of data with the help of RhoSync feature which works when the user is offline.
Object Relational Manager- It provides this inbuilt feature called as Rhom which helps to write queries in database similar to Active Records in Rails.
Rapid Development- This is one of the most interesting features of Rhodes that structures the applications which are helpful for rapid development.
Scalable Sync server- The sync server uses a NoSql Database which makes it highly scalable. Rhosync also performs its push-based sync which no other sync server does.
Hosted Development and build- RhoMobile has a unique feature called as Rhohub which enables developers create iPhone apps on Windows. The RhoHub cloud platform now helps developers, on both Macs and Windows boxes, to build native applications for iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Google Android phones.
Saviance’s services in Rhodes mobile development

In today’s world of technology, both businesses and consumers demand innovative‚ cost effective mobile applications that provide a better user experience. As this is an evolving market, they expect feature-rich and intuitive solutions that include advanced technologies such as video, GPRS or mapping, data capture, real–time notifications, data synchronization across platforms, and much more.

In the area of Mobile Application Development, Saviance’s Center of Excellence offers its services in Enterprise Mobility where the company provides cutting edge smart phone device technology to our clients. Saviance has expertise in all popular mobile platforms such as, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Embedded CE, Embedded Linux, Mac X, and Symbian.

Saviance offers a list of services in Mobile Application Development which are as follows:

Mobile Application Development
Mobile Website Development
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Mobile Porting Services
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