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Saviance has created a suite of Patient Engagement Products and Solutions.

The Saviance Center of Excellence houses professional expertise that uses innovation and customization as the two guidelines for developing comprehensive out-of-the-box Healthcare products. Using the latest technologies, our software experts have developed products that enable our clients to maximize their agility while minimizing their costs. The Saviance work methodology is strongly focused around playing the role of a business consultant, identifying possible potential areas for IT solutions, defining business goals and meeting them with technology based solutions which are modular, scalable and extensible.

  • CTInsights

    The Life Sciences companies spent around $ 30.6B* in 2015 on clinical trials globally. Patient enrollment and recruitment for a clinical trial is one of the key drivers that significantly impacts the time and cost of the trial. Pharmaceutical companies have been using a variety of traditional marketing media channels to reach out to the HCPs, Patients and caregivers to increase awareness of the clinical trials for their new drugs. With the proliferation and rapid growth in the digital and social media like Facebook, twitter, Pharma companies have used digital channel as a part of their channel mix to reach HCPs and patients/caregivers for increasing awareness and helping in patient enrollment.

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  • CTcollab
    • Dial using VoIP or Dial-in number
    • Screen share + record meetings
    • Clip – Voice and Visual Layering
    • Save Meeting recording to chat timeline
    • Access to annotation tools for real time annotation
    • Sign documents with signature tool
    • Universal Search for binders, documents

    We offer an innovative Collaboration solution for High Performance Clinical Trials Teams that is designed to be a Mobile First platform. It provides for reliable enterprise class messaging. It offers an intuitive user experience, is highly flexible, scalable, and makes teamwork easier and faster by enabling collaboration on web and mobile. It has developer embeddable, multi-layered cloud collaboration services for the mobile work style, which is available as a standalone app, a white label companion app, and embeddable SDKs Some of the key features of the solution are:

    • Messaging – Private, Group and Voice messaging
    • Synchronized Content timeline
    • File Storage, Sharing & document viewing – Support all files
    • Create binders and invite relevant members for easier collaboration
    • Email integration – Forward emails directly into chat binder
    • Integration Alerts – Connect with over 50+ third-party integrations
    • Push Notifications
    • Meet - Conferencing Capabilities (Voice + Video)

  • iAdhere-img

    Saviance architected, designed and developed an application with the objective of providing a platform that helps users adhere to their Medication Schedule. The solution helps users set up reminders for daily medication, prescription refills, insurance and lab testing. It also allows users to optionally subscribe for weekly health tips and life advice via text only. The algorithm at the backend enables users to choose to receive reminders by email, voicemail and text. The platform is HIPAA compliant.

    It has been implemented for a US State Department of Health and Human Services, which offers assistance with Medicaid, vaccinations, medical licensing, disability support, child protection and communicable diseases.

  • hi52helth

    Saviance developed a Patient Engagement platform that puts health care information and resources at consumer’s fingertips and helps promote awareness for various disease conditions. The application provides information on how and where to access testing and treatment facilities, provides access to education material - including articles and informative videos.

    It has been implemented for The Baylor College of Medicine Teen Health Clinic which provides services around pregnancy testing, prenatal care, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and HIV/AIDS education and screening to teens, their partners, and children. The App is called Hi52Hlth and is available for free download on Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.
  • Patient Tablet

    The Saviance Patient Tablet is an innovative solution that is an easy to use Patient Portal. It automates the entire patient Intake Process and significantly reduces scope of error while collecting vital insurance information and full patient history.

    It is a fully mobile integrated solution for Providers,Physicians' Practices and Retail Clinics. Our secure cloud based solution offers customized and personalized online forms which ensures that our client gets the maximum advantage with minimum investment.It can be integrated with various EMR/HER systems.

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  • iHealthConnect

    The advent of the highly mobile and socially active consumers makes it more than necessary to create an engaging and vibrant space for the consumers to come together, connect with one another, communicate about their experiences and opinions and advance in a collaborative manner.

    The Saviance iHealthConnect is a comprehensive cloud based Community Building Solution that equips the providers, insurers, employers and caregivers with a clear strategic advantage. This gives the organizations the power to create active patient communities, shape ideas, generate interest and strengthen their brand image.

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  • cyber-security

    Studies show that 60% to 80% of the Data Breaches are usually from within the organization. This is a unique solution that detects, prevents and responds to Insider Threats and Security Breaches in real time through User and Entity Behavior Analytics. The solution not only detects security threats, but also responds to them, ensuring security without overwhelming security organizations. The Behavioral Firewall scores the risk of every user, account, and device in the network, then delivers adaptive actions to verify and eliminate threats —all without manual intervention from your security team.

    The Real-time, Automated, and Appropriate Threat Enforcement helps to:
    Detect Hackers and Insider threats –› Challenge Suspicious Behavior –› Respond Appropriately. Enterprises achieve three goals with this approach: ensure security, allow legitimate business activities and not overwhelm hard-to-find security analysts. This emerging approach has been adopted by leading financial, healthcare and legal enterprises. The Behavioral Firewall can be deployed in either in-line or span port (sniffer) mode. The unique design enables threat response capabilities in both modes, ensuring that your security administrators only follow up on valid threats.