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Saviance Products

The Saviance Center of Excellence houses professional expertise that uses innovation and customization as the two guidelines for developing comprehensive out-of-the-box Healthcare products. Using open source technologies such as ROR, our software experts have developed products that enable our clients to maximize their agility while minimizing their costs. The Saviance work methodology is strongly focused around playing the role of a business consultant, identifying possible potential areas for IT solutions, defining business goals and meeting them with technology based solutions, building modular, scalable and extensible IT solutions.

Our products have proved to be:

  • Error-free and easy to maintain
  • Robust and stable
  • Scalable and secure
  • Patient Tablet

    The Saviance Patient Intake Tablet is an innovative solution that digitizes the first point of care for patients. It automates the entire Intake Process and significantly reduces scope of error while collecting vital insurance information and full patient history.

    The Saviance Patient Intake Tablet is a cutting edge mobile integrated solution for different IDNs, Hospitals, Physicians' Practices and Retail Clinics. Our secure cloud based solution offers customized and personalized online forms which ensures that our client gets the maximum advantage with minimum investment.

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  • iHealthConnect

    The advent of the highly mobile and socially active consumers makes it more than necessary to create an engaging and vibrant space for the consumers to come together, connect with one another, communicate about their experiences and opinions and advance in a collaborative manner.

    The Saviance iHealthConnect is a comprehensive mobile integrated, cloud based Patient Portal Software that equips the providers, insurers, employers and caregivers with a clear strategic advantage. This gives the organizations the power to create active patient communities, shape ideas, generate interest and strengthen their brand image.

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  • Viburnix

    Online communities are rapidly becoming an essential way to organize teams, enable collaboration and increase productivity. These portals are a powerful tool for building brand loyalty, driving revenue, and creating a secure space to share internal resources and information in a structured manner.

    Building strong relationships between employees, former employees, alumni and the organization/institution is a key factor that determines the success and development of the organization as a whole. Viburnix, a cloud based, mobile-integrated online social networking web portal, is the one-stop solution to all these needs of the modern enterprise as well as today’s educational institutions. Know More