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Analytics in Healthcare

Compliance ServicesA Comprehensive Compliance Approach

Today's health care compliance and regulatory mandates compel leaders in healthcare industry to meet compliance requirements and maintain the organization’s compliance program updated. Health care organizations also need to have the information and tools that enable them to assess and manage the impact of the federal initiatives on their care settings.

Saviance has tremendous experience and expertise in providing healthcare compliance services for ICD-10 and Meaningful Use of EHR. We offer an end-to-end compliance solutions and related support services to healthcare providers, hospitals and other healthcare organizations in order to meet their compliance challenges effectively. To stay ahead in this complex regulatory environment, we have developed reliable and comprehensive compliance tools and approaches to help you in managing your compliance program, mitigating risk, and meeting critical regulatory measures. Each service can be customized to meet an organization’s specific needs.

ICD-10 ServicesPreparing you for a smooth transition

Healthcare organizations are amidst of a big challenge where they have to comply with ICD 10 transition. The transition from the old ICD-9 to new ICD-10 codes is a complex and lengthy process because of the implication of the codes that are used in both clinical and business processes.

To ensure that the transition does not harm clinical decisions, financial or operational processes, Saviance offers comprehensive ICD-10 transition services according to your organization's needs. Our ICD-10 transition framework comprises four phases.

ICD-10 Services

  • Impact Assessment
  • Remediation Planning
  • Remediation & Testing
  • Support
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Meaningful Use of EHRHelp you achieve sustainable performance

Healthcare industry today is overburdened with various challenges. With Obamacare coming into existence, it is mandatory for eligible professionals (EPs) and eligible hospitals to demonstrate meaningful use of EHRs and receive an incentive payment.

Saviance has a set of Meaningful Use consulting services that help EPs and eligible hospitals to successfully attest to MU stage 1 and prepare for MU stage 2 so that they get their Incentive Payment and stay in compliance. We offer customize compliance programs that fit with the unique structure, operation, and culture of a health care entity. Our team of experts guides you through the process and reduces the time cycle to get your incentive payment. We also suggest what is necessary to modify within your practice to comply with the guidelines and ease the process of meeting with MU requirements.

We provide end-to end support to our clients in attesting successfully to MU compliance in three phases.

Meaningful Use of EHR

  • Assessment Phase
  • Implementation Phase
  • Monitoring & Support Phase
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Saviance enables you to meet the compliance challenge

Saviance is your proven partner for an end-to end compliance program. Our services will provide a complete assessment of your business requirements, remediation/implementation and post implementation support, and ensure clients that their compliance programs are up to date, comply with all the applicable laws, maintain and enhance quality of care and address compliance issues appropriately.

Our compliance services comes with the latest in technology and regulatory information that helps organizations in managing cost, leveraging compliance initiatives, and sustaining performance.

The potential benefits of our offerings are:

  • Identifying regulatory risk regarding HITECH compliance
  • Providing expert assistance for possible violations
  • Assisting clients to avoid penalties for non-compliance with HITECH guidelines
  • Improving clinical workflows, leveraging reform initiatives, and enhancing revenue streams
  • Providing system implementation and optimization for ICD-10 program design assessment and roadmap development
  • Providing recommendations for compliance against MU requirements, current MU planning, and ensure businesses to be compliant with HITECH guidelines.

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    • 87% of Americans have a smartphone
    • 61% downloaded a mhealth app
    • 85% use social media for health
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    ICD-10 Testing Empowering & Enhancing the ICD 10 Transition

    ICD-10, the tenth revision of International Classification of Disease (ICD) and a successor of ICD-9 is a system...

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Analytics in Healthcare

Analytics in HealthcareUnlocking knowledge for Smarter Decisions

Healthcare organizations are loaded with a colossal amount of data and numbers in the form of EMR/EHR, insurance records, pharmacy prescriptions, patient feedback and responses. The major challenge for providers is to crunch these numbers and extract meaningful information.

Saviance provides business intelligence and analytics solutions in the form of reports and queries, and the kind of analytics solution that is required by your business. We cater our BI and analytics solutions to healthcare providers and healthcare settings in the following areas:

  • Clinical & Patient Care
  • Operations
  • Quality & Patient safety
  • Finance Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Marketing Management

Make intelligent decisions with Saviance

Descriptive analytics

The initial focus is on converting raw data into meaningful nuggets of information, improve data quality, data identification and management.

We assess and analyze the data and information to understand the current business situation in order to explain the various trends, patterns and exceptions of your business and present it in the form of:

  • Reporting
  • OLAP
  • Dashboards
  • Score Cards
  • Visualization
  • Mobile BI

Predictive Analytics

This is the subsequent step in data reduction. We use a variety of statistical, data mining, and digital techniques to study historical and recent information that will help in future predictions.

We study and analyze the past data records for building a temporal predictive model that will help our clients in healthcare to forecast and make smart decisions.

The 5 steps of our predictive model are:

  • Regression
  • Factor Analysis
  • Logistic Regression
  • Neural Networks
  • Time series forecasting

Prescriptive Analytics

We offer this higher order of advanced analytics where we combine data from latest and past business trends and mathematical models for making essential decisions in healthcare space.

We combine the right mix of analytics that will help our clients to get insights for strategic planning and important decision-making. We also recommend the possible outcomes in terms of personalized healthcare, reduction of hospital readmission, prediction and prevention of chronic diseases and predict patient behavior. Our expertise in prescriptive analytics helps healthcare providers in reducing costs, providing quality care and gaining competitive edge.

We follow the following steps to ensure our clients get possible outcomes.

  • Suggest Actions
  • Implication of Actions
  • Campaign Design
  • Campaign Implementation
  • Campaign Review

The Saviance Edge

Saviance aids the holistic formation of insights by offering a robust analytics framework. Our expertise lies in clinical analytics, operational analytics and financial analytics. We are experts in health data intelligence and provide enterprise-class analysis and reporting.

Saviance innovative business intelligence and analytics solutions empower providers and healthcare organizations to make smart data-driven decisions. We extract knowledge from the complex data, make actionable predictions, and provide precision targeting capability to our clients. Saviance is committed to providing the most sophisticated solutions to help our clients improve quality care and reduce costs.

Saviance has a team of experts who ensure that the clients in the healthcare industry get the right analysis of the business and deliver quality care and attain financial and compliance goals.

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    Data Analytics in Healthcare @ Saviance

    • 35% use data analytics to improve patient care
    • 31% use data analytics to reduce care costs
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    How Data Analytics can help in Decision Making in Healthcare

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