CTInsightsPatient enrollment and Digital Spend Analytics


The Life Sciences companies spent around $ 30.6B* in 2015 on clinical trials globally. Patient enrollment and recruitment for a clinical trial is one of the key drivers that significantly impacts the time and cost of the trial. Pharmaceutical companies have been using a variety of traditional marketing media channels to reach out to the HCPs, Patients and caregivers to increase awareness of the clinical trials for their new drugs. With the proliferation and rapid growth in the digital and social media like Facebook, twitter, Pharma companies have used digital channel as a part of their channel mix to reach HCPs and patients/caregivers for increasing awareness and helping in patient enrollment.

With technology and tools like Google analytics, Omniture site catalyst the business users can analyze how the different digital channels have performed in terms of views, impressions, visits etc. However they still are still unable to get a good consistent answer to the question, “how is the digital strategy impacting the final outcome like the patient enrollment”. In absence of a good solution it is a trial and error and at the best a guesstimate that is post facto.

The business user needs answers to the following questions:

  • 1. Which digital strategy and media is the most cost effective in enrolling the patients?
  • 2. What is the ideal media mix for the patient enrollment in a given time frame and budget for my trial?
  • 3. Can I forecast and predict the enrollment for the given budget and digital strategy?

The CTInsight software product addresses these questions. CTinsight is a patient enrollment and digital spend analytics product which models the effectiveness of digital strategy and optimizes spend for effective patient enrollment for clinical trails. The product brings in the power of analytics with an easy to use model for the business user to do what-if analysis and derive the insights for arriving at better decisions and actions. It provides for your clinical trials a holistic view of all the digital channel activities of views, impressions, visits, clicks from channels like Facebook, Paid search , Twitter impressions, ads in specific forums or targeted messages in Doximity, WebMD and results like calls, screenings, enrollments . The product allows the user to dive into the individual media activities and analyze the trends, they can do segmentation and profile analysis for the activities for that channel.

The user can also visualize on the map the overlay of the clinical trial sites with the digital channel views/impressions and analyze the geo targeting effectiveness as well as the HCP target segmentation effectiveness.

The user can run the model to determine the right channel mix and budget to achieve the enrollment target in the time frame. The various scenarios could be run and simulated very easily by changing the variables and parameters of budget, digital channel mix and duration of the campaigns to arrive at the optimum mix. The user can also predict and forecast the enrollment for the budget and digital media chosen. The product can be used to monitor the plan versus the actual overt the duration of the trial and campaign, the self-service analytics and visualization enables the business user to derive better insights and take appropriate business decisions and actions.

* VisionGain report 2013