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Clinical Trial Suite

Clinical Trials Suite

Clinical Trials Suite

  • Speed in gathering sensitive health records.
  • Tested software to scale costly client annual trial services.
  • Cater attention to progress in patient enrollment.

There are currently 268,157 clinical trials and research studies in all 50 states and 203 countries. Clinical trials sit at the core for answering important scientific questions, advancing medical research and improving outcomes against diseases. Patients are at the heart of clinical trials. The Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies spend $35 billion annually on clinical trial services. Patient enrollment and recruitment for a clinical trial is one of the key drivers that significantly impacts the time and cost of the trial.

Patient Recruitment for Global clinical trials is a very big pain point for the Pharmaceutical industry segment. About 30% of the total time dedicated to clinical trials is spent on patient recruitment and enrollment. About 40% of the clinical trials sites are not able to meet their targets and about 10% of the sites are not able to enroll a single patient. Saviance has developed the Unique Clinical Trials Suite to address this problem. It is a set of tools and software platforms to foster innovation, collaboration and speed in Clinical Trials.

Patient Search

Patient Search

  • Replace cumbersome search with search criteria and protocol.
  • Providers have access to customized client info through their EMR/EHR systems.
  • Sponsors are able to meet enrollment targets.

The detailed Patients records are usually available in various Hospital EMR/EHR systems such as Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts and others. It is in the interest of the Sponsors (pharma companies), Doctors (principal investigators) and Providers (Trial Sites) to be able to match the patients from these patient records with the exclusion and inclusion criterion and protocols of the clinical trials.

Manually searching and matching the patient records to the clinical trials is a very cumbersome and tedious process since each large EMR/EHR system could contain millions of patients records. Saviance has developed an intelligent Patient Search Platform which allows the Providers to set up the search criterion and protocol for the Clinical Trial and then run the search through their EMR/EHR systems in minutes to come up with the matching patient records. This system can be customized to client’s requirements and speeds up the availability of clinical trials to matching patients, increasing revenue to providers and enabling sponsors to meet their clinical trial enrollment targets.



  • Optimizes spend for efficient patient enrollment for clinical trials.
  • “What if” analysis saves time.
  • Interactive decision making software

CTInsights is a Digital Spend Analytics software that involves marketing patient enrollment and recruitment for a clinical trials. CTinsights models the digital strategy and optimizes spend for efficient patient enrollment for clinical trails. The solution aggregates multiple data sources both internal and external. It applies proprietary algorithms and provides a holistic view of all the digital channel activities from Digital and Social Media such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Doximity and WebMD. This data analytics solution allows the user to dive into the individual media activities and analyze the trends. The modeling allows the user to do "what-if" analysis and optimize the spending for cost savings and reduce the time for patient recruitment. It has an interactive and easy to use interface with the potential to save millions of dollars in digital media spend across hundreds of clinical trials.



  • Collaborative Clinical Trials teams.
  • Offers intuitive user experience.
  • Private, group or voice messaging.

There is intense pressure to streamline the drug development process by making clinical research more efficient. Collaboration is the key to modernizing the Clinical Trials. Mobile technology is the backdrop by which all stakeholders in Clinical Trials— sponsors, academia, contract research organizations (CROs), research sites, and providers can facilitate greater collaboration. This software is designed to be a “Mobile First” platform and this platform provides for reliable enterprise class messaging. CTcollab is a clinical trials tool for collaboration for high performance teams designed to be a “Mobile First” platform, providing for reliable enterprise class messaging. It offers an intuitive user experience and is highly flexible, scalable, and makes teamwork easier and faster by enabling collaboration with web and mobile applications.

CTcollab is based on a software development kit from the founders of Webex and is highly scalable to thousands of users, secure and easy to use. It is designed for a business enterprise use and can be customized and personalized to a client’s requirement. It found that companies that promoted collaborative working were 5 times as likely to be high performing. Participants in a research study who were primed to act collaboratively stuck at their task 64%longer than their solitary peers, whilst also reporting higher engagement levels, lower fatigue levels and a higher success rate.

Match to Trials

Match to Trials

  • Doctors can easily look at trials through their mobile phones.
  • Recommended cloud-based repository clinical trials are available according to patient condition.
  • Available from multiple sources such as hospitals, M2T database, etc.

Match2Trial (M2T) is a mobile application that helps doctors to easily look up the Exclusion and Inclusion Criteria of the Clinical Trials at a glance on their mobile devices while meeting with their patients. It helps them choose from a cloud-based clinical trial repository and recommends the right Clinical Trials for their patients according to their disease type condition, age, diagnosis and criticality. The Clinical trials are available from multiple sources, such as hospitals databases, M2T database and The app Captures basic patient information to create a profile for referral to the provider IRB (Internal Review Board). It allows for quick, easy and secure HIPPAA compliant patient enrolment process.



  • Coordinates patients and providers so they can seamlessly set up travel arrangement for clinical trials.
  • User interface experience can be customized to client’s requirements.

One of the challenges in Clinical Trials is Patient Retention. Patients who are enrolled in clinical trials need to visit their Trial sites frequently for a variety of reasons. Patients in certain categories find that the transportation logistics can be daunting and difficult to overcome. This leads to patients dropping out of the clinical trials process which leads to significant loss in time and money for the sponsors. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) , retention of study subjects is at an all-time low with average drop-out rates being 30% across all clinical trials.

Ctconcierge in partnership with one of the leading ridesharing companies enables providers and patients to seamlessly coordinate the travel logistics requirements of their clinical trials. The user experience can be customized to match the client’s requirements.

Patient Engagement Suite


Patient Engagement Suite

  • Better communication between patients and providers.
  • Value-based reimbursement and quality of treatment rather than the traditional volume-based fee for reimbursement systems.
  • Digital platform is key to keeping patients both healthy and informed.

The patient engagement solutions market is expected to reach $13.7 billion by 2019 from $5.5 billion in 2014 at a CAGR of 20% from 2014 to 2019. Favorable government legislations and awareness initiatives are anticipated to be one of the crucial drivers for the market growth. For instance, the Readmission Reduction Program initiated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) inspire the providers to be actively involved in patient engagement solutions with the objective of containing the readmission rates while providing better inpatient services. Increasing demand for better clinical outcomes, rising incidence of chronic diseases, increasing efficiency of healthcare processes and reducing healthcare costs are some of the major drivers of the patient engagement solutions market. The stress is on value-based reimbursement and the quality of treatment rather than the traditional volume-based fee for reimbursement systems.


Patient Tablet

  • Automates patient Intake Process.
  • Fully mobile integrated solution.
  • Offers personalized online forms.

Patient Tablet is an innovative “Mobile First”, cloud-based solution that is an easy to use “Patient Portal”. It automates the entire patient intake process and significantly reduces scope of error while collecting vital insurance information and full patient history. It is a fully mobile integrated solution for Providers, Physicians' Practices and Retail Clinics. The secure cloud based solution offers customized and personalized online forms.

It can be integrated with various EMR/EHR systems and Payment Gateways to speed up the collections from the patients. The Saviance Intake Patient Tablet increases productivity significantly by enabling patient engagement through process automation. Pharmaceutical companies have been using a variety of traditional marketing media channels to reach out to the HCPs, patients and caregivers to increase awareness of the clinical trials for their new drugs. Pharma companies have used digital channels such as social media as part of their channel mix.



  • Creating active patient communities.
  • Providers/insurers can achieve a multi-pronged strategy.
  • Clear strategic advantage.

iHealthConnect is a comprehensive cloud-based community building solution that equips the providers, insurers, employers and caregivers with a clear strategic advantage. This gives the organizations the power to create active patient communities, shape ideas, generate interest and strengthen their brand image.



  • Healthcare info at consumer’s fingertips.
  • Access Information on treatment facilities.
  • Apple iTunes and Google Play.

Saviance developed a patient engagement platform that puts healthcare information and resources at consumer’s fingertips and helps promote awareness for various disease conditions. This mobile application provides information on how and where to access testing and treatment facilities, provides access to education material including articles and informative videos. The App is available for download in Apple iTunes and Google Play Stores.



  • Users adhere to medication schedule.
  • Helps users set up reminders.
  • Algorithmic back-end.

For many Americans, taking medications according to their healthcare provider’s instructions can be a challenge. Approximately 50% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed. Upwards of $300 billion of avoidable healthcare costs have been attributed to medication non-adherence annually in the U.S., comprising up to 10% of total health care costs. Saviance has an innovative integrated “Medication Adherence Platform” (HIPAA compliant) that helps users adhere to their Medication Schedule. The solution helps users set up reminders for daily medication, prescription refills, insurance and lab testing. It also allows users to optionally subscribe for weekly health tips and life advice via text only. The algorithm at the backend enables users to choose to receive customized reminders by email, voicemail and text.


Cyber Security

  • Penetration testing for complete security diagnosis.
  • Scalable partner solution detects threats real time.
  • Mitigates and identifies rogue insider attacks and malicious attackers.

Healthcare is one of the industry segments in which internal actors are the biggest threat to an organization while 58% of incidents involved insiders. Compromised credentials and privileged access abuse is required for more than 80% of breaches to succeed. Medical device hacking may create media hype but the assets most often accessed in breaches are databases and paper documents.

It is estimated that the cybersecurity workforce gap will hit 1.8 million globally by 2022. This trend is evident in the healthcare industry, where more and more organizations are looking to grow their teams but have been unable to find and/or retain skilled workers. The cybersecurity market size is expected to grow from $137.85 billion in 2017 to $231.94 billion by 2022 and at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.0%.

Saviance has a broad range of Cybersecurity services to offer to its Healthcare clients. These include standard penetration testing to running a complete Security Operations Center. The scalable partner solution is focused on detection and response to insider threats in real time. In the pharma sector, the solution addresses the challenges of ensuring that malicious attackers do not get access to confidential IP and also identify rogue insiders that could damage the company's brand, IP and confidential data.