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The Saviance Patient Tablet is an innovative solution that is an easy to use Patient Portal. It automates the entire patient Intake Process and significantly reduces scope of error while collecting vital insurance information and full patient history.

It is a fully mobile integrated solution for Providers,Physicians' Practices and Retail Clinics. Our secure cloud based solution offers customized and personalized online forms which ensures that our client gets the maximum advantage with minimum investment.It can be integrated with various EMR/HER systems.

As an integrated solution (hardware and software), the Saviance Intake Patient Tablet ensures ROI and increases productivity significantly by enabling patient engagement through process automation. The onsite training also helps the client manage the solution in the most effective and productive manner.

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Our cloud based solution ensures that our clients get the maximum advantage with minimum investment. The Saviance Patient Intake Tablet ensures ROI and increases productivity significantly by enabling patient engagement through process automation.

The Saviance Patient Intake Tablet engages patients effectively and the online interaction dramatically reduces the amount of staff time spent in data entry, validation and storage of records. Our patient portal streamlines administrative process that can result in considerable cost savings for the organization.

Providers can

  • Drive meaningful use of IT via patient engagement
  • Integrate this product with their website
  • Provide a secure database where records are encrypted
  • Obtain referral requests
  • Integrate with popular EHR / EMR & patient billing software

Patients can

  • Update contact and insurance information on-line
  • New Patient Registration and Patient Pre-Registration online

Staff & Administration can

  • Add or update content to the Patient Library in a secure manner
  • Post and upload Patient Consent Forms
  • Manage the constant influx of PHI forms online easily & accurately

Engaging Patients

Out with the Clipboards!

  • Digitize paper forms with an inbuilt workflow engine
  • Save staff time & cost of manual data entry
  • Encourage patient engagement
  • Improve patient outcomes & reduce cost
  • Enable legible & the latest patient data submission
  • Integrate with EHR and EMR systems



What is Saviance Patient Intake Tablet?

The Saviance Patient Intake Tablet is the patient engagement software that works exclusively for Physicians Practices and Retail Clinics. It enables providers to deliver and patients to receive high quality patient care with ease and accuracy through process automation. This solution lets doctors engage with patients and share important updates on health information with minimum time spent and more accuracy.

The Saviance Patient Intake Tablet is a cutting edge mobile integrated and cloud based solution which helps our clients to get maximum advantage with minimum investment. It ensures a better ROI and increases productivity significantly by enabling patient engagement effectively.

How can the Saviance Patient Intake Tablet add value to you as a Provider?

Today Patient engagement has become a priority for the best-run hospitals and healthcare systems. If you give your patients the information they need with ease and accuracy via their own mobile devices, you are building patient engagement and adding value to your unique market identity. Also, it helps the providers to increase Staff and Administration Efficiency, achieve Wellness and population Health, and enable Data Analytics and achieve Actionable Insights.

How can Saviance Patient Intake Tablet add value to a patient?

Patients value shorter visit time and the convenience of self service. The Saviance Patient Intake Tablet enables patients to update their health and insurance information with the ease of using their mobile phones and downloading and filling forms online before visits. It also helps them to register and re-register online, view lab results and obtain patient education material.

How are the data security, privacy and confidentiality ensured?

Patient Intake Tablet is a “must have” product for the healthcare providers from Saviance Technologies that hosts its products on world-class US servers. Our privacy policy guarantees our clients on Data security. We also sign a separate master level agreement, which ensures our clients that their data would not be utilized without their prior consent.

Is the data backed up to prevent data loss in emergency situations?

Yes, Saviance Technologies provides surety of data backup so that in case of any emergency, there is no loss of important data.

Is training required to get acquainted with Saviance Patient Intake Tablet’s various features?

The Saviance Patient Intake Tablet is designed in such a way that our clients need little training and find it easy to use. Our team of experts is always available for the training and to respond to any sort of queries/issues from the customer end. The user friendly interface of Patient Tablet is extremely intuitive and helps the staff and patients to start using it immediately.

What is the approximate implementation cost of Saviance Patient Intake Tablet?

Saviance is pleased to offer its clients a flexible model for the Patient Intake Tablet implementation. Please call us at 1800- 634-8117 to learn more or email us at

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