Cyber-Security Behavioural Learning Firewall for Healthcare


Studies show that 60% to 80% of the Data Breaches are usually from within the organization. This is a unique solution that detects, prevents and responds to Insider Threats and Security Breaches in real time through User and Entity Behavior Analytics. The solution not only detects security threats, but also responds to them, ensuring security without overwhelming security organizations. The Behavioral Firewall scores the risk of every user, account, and device in the network, then delivers adaptive actions to verify and eliminate threats —all without manual intervention from your security team.

The Real-time, Automated, and Appropriate Threat Enforcement helps to:
Detect Hackers and Insider threats –› Challenge Suspicious Behavior –› Respond Appropriately. Enterprises achieve three goals with this approach: ensure security, allow legitimate business activities and not overwhelm hard-to-find security analysts. This emerging approach has been adopted by leading financial, healthcare and legal enterprises. The Behavioral Firewall can be deployed in either in-line or span port (sniffer) mode. The unique design enables threat response capabilities in both modes, ensuring that your security administrators only follow up on valid threats.