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Senior Business Developer

  • Role:
    Senior Business Developer

    Develop business plans, analyze business requirements, company's existing operations and procedures, identify problems to improve efficiency, increase profitability and generate revenue. Interpret data concerning expenditure, and past, present & future financial operations through statistical reports. Perform detailed business and process modeling including e-commerce impact on a business. Market company’s services, maintain accounts and client relationship. Provide efficient and effective support to CEO in planning and strategies for future revenue streams, financial forecasting, project documentation, customer relation management, marketing campaigns and finance-related projects. Analyze current and new markets simultaneously to determine business interest and expansion opportunities. Collaborate with respective team members to produce and deliver quality business solutions, and communicate with clients to obtain valuable feedback of current and forecasted business initiatives and results. Recommend improvements in operations and budgeting based on financial reports. Should have strong knowledge and understanding about custom software application development, enterprise mobile applications, advance technologies & IT project management.


    Master's degree in Business Administration or Management or related field of study and one year of experience in the position or as Marketing Manager or Chief Operating Officer or General Manager or any related position. Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable.


    $ 168,000.00 per annum


    Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

    Job location:

    Houston Technologies Center, 410 Pierce Street, Houston, TX 77002