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Company Profile

Saviance is a modern consulting firm providing a variety of professional services to its clients in the US. We bring twenty three years of experience to the table. Our consultants are qualified experts and extremely talented. We understand the business behind the technology, and work with many of the top Fortune 100 companiesĀ andĀ provide innovative, scalable, robust and secure solutions.


At the forefront of the Staffing and IT Solutions industry, Saviance is certified by NMSDC as a Tier 1, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) . We are a self- certified Small Business and self- certified Woman Owned Business committed to maximizing global workforce solutions on behalf of our clients, empowering businesses and talent through applied human intelligence. We are a Diversity Supplier with global reach specializing in a business services blend of talent, technology, and a relentless commitment to customer success. It’s our diversity that’s acts as a core component of our culture, our approach to business, and the opportunities we provide to our clients and our employees.

At Saviance, we’re honored to be affiliated with some of the most respected companies, employees, and strategic partners in the world. Our foundation is the trust we enjoy with both our customers and employees. The trust is built on our ability to study competitive scenarios, taking a futuristic, innovative solutions route. We offer the most-effective solution which goes a long way in helping our client stay at the top of their competition. And offering most effective solution that goes a long way in helping our clients stay at top in the fierce competition. We continue to be recognized with accolades for top performance and workplace culture for delivering exceptional service to its clients, and supporting thousands of professionals to find the career of their dreams.

Saviance has a set of partner companies which offer unique solutions for the differentiated set of clients with their unique offerings. With a decentralized setup, fast decision-making processes, and quick reaction times, these companies have agile and flexible operations. These advantages make these partner companies more competitive in their specific markets and enable them to focus more sharply on their customers.


BigRio is a forward-thinking, or an innovative technology consulting firm focused on strategy, implementation, and digital transformation. Headquartered in Boston with deep ties to Harvard and MIT, it strives to empower their clients to drive innovation and advanced analytics using data.

Certified By GNEMSDC as MBE, It has been recently recognized among the fastest growing MBEs by NMSDC.

Citadel Discovery

Citadel Discovery was launched in 2021 with the purpose of democratizing access to the data and technology that will drive the future of biological exploration, drug discovery, and health technologies.

AI in Drug Discovery is a promising & game-changing new approach. Once fully developed, it will revolutionize drug discovery, adding value across the entire drug value chain.


CarTwin is a first-of-its-kind, AI-driven platform designed to provide real-time greenhouse gas (GHG) tracking and reporting as well as predictive maintenance and repair analysis to commercial vehicle fleets.

Its first product, CarbonLess, provides carbon footprint intensity and reporting to meet corporate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) objectives. Its data analysis , combined with the powerful AI models CarTwin is developing, can predict breakdowns, monitor and improve performance, reduce expensive maintenance, and avoid lost revenue associated with fleet downtime.


It is a veteran-owned small business duly certified by CVE and NVBDC.
The company offers cutting-edge solutions in Cloud Engineering, Software & Web Engineering, Mobile Application Engineering, and IT Consulting.

Streamline Businesses Processes with Saviance’s rich experience in tech consulting.