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Hire veterans. Add value to your business.

Veterans Hiring

Saviance has a dedicated recruitment team that welcomes colleagues from all branches of the military.. We have a distinguished track record of taking a Veteran- First approach to specific job orders. We guide veteran candidates with professional expertise to create seamless transitions into the workforce by investing time in their skills and experience, setting hiring and retention targets, and reinforcing this commitment to our workforce and clients. Veterans hired at Saviance sail the boat of success through ongoing training, coaching, feedback, and formal and informal mentorship.

At Saviance, we make it a priority for our recruiters, people managers, and HR professionals to understand military skill sets and how these skills translate to the industry we work in. Most importantly, veterans hired at Saviance get personalized attention throughout the recruitment process and beyond so we can align their employment to their unique skills and career goals.

Saviance actively participates in virtual career fairs highlighting our interest in those who have served our country.

Veterans Hiring

Our successful hiring plan works like this:


We actively sort searches by Veteran status and work through our network to cross-reference military skills that match our requirements.


Set up metrics and systems to track Veteran recruiting, hiring, and retention targets.

Prepare the Workforce

Disseminate business case throughout the workforce and educate key stakeholders and Hiring Managers on military culture and their skill sets.

Actively Recruit

High touch recruiting with HR Recruiters initiating contact with Veteran applicants to better understand the applications of their skills, training, certifications and awards.


Detailed on-boarding process for newly hired Veterans.

Hire Veterans, Leverage their Experience, Resilience & Commitment. Rely on Saviance to find trained leaders for your organization.