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Agile POD/Squad Staffing

Agile squad teams are fast becoming the future of human resources for projects. Squad teams deliver impeccable results with self-managed and motivated teams that work in tandem with a clear roadmap. The members help each other follow the best practices ensuring a seamless project management journey. Saviance assists in Agile POD/Squad Staffing to enable businesses to get access to a varied skill set with cost-efficiency.

Agile POD/Squad Staffing
Squad Staffing

Agile squad teams offer an enhanced customer experience by combining their distinct experiences and interdisciplinary skills and exceeding clients's expectations. To meet this unique requirement for short periods for different projects, Saviance offers agile POD teams. Instead of working with a traditional hierarchy system where all team members are skilled in similar skills and leave no room for growth, agile PODs allow organizations to use the skills of a core functional team with cross-functional teams. They get better quality results cost-efficiently. Businesses can leverage the small teams’ skills to induct more efficiency into project development and execution. The POD/Squad, a small cluster of members ranging from 4-10, with their combined technical know-how and experience, drives meaningful output with measurable results.

Agile POD teams are built at once and seamlessly move from one project to another. Get cost-efficiency, optimal skills utilization, and fast completion of projects with agile development project teams. These small and self-contained teams ensure high-quality and quick deliverables with a fast turnaround time.Without disrupting the team, the experts move to work on other projects.

With Savinace, get access to a close-knit team of consultants with the requisite experience and skill sets that will perfectly meet the project requirements. Benefit from their specialized skills and vast experience that complement your budget and other company resources. We source the best POD teams that work on small projects and deliver results per the client's expectations. Rely on us, and get projects done with the desired results.

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SOW (Statement of Work)

SOW (Statement of Work)

We at Saviance help with the SOW, Statement of Work and help our clients define the details and formalize the contract. We are experts in sourcing human resources based on the results achieved rather than the number of hours and help you find talent with the requisite technical/ non-technical capabilities. With clearly defined SOWs, pay for the work done with a specific talent that works with a laser-targeted approach and ensures faster project completion. We delve deep into your requirements and understand to provide the best SOW to offer engineered solutions leading to the best talent acquisition for your needs.

Hire departments with reduced employment risks and get the best fit for talents from a pool of qualified candidates. Rely on Saviance for Statement of Work and a high ROI with the right talent acquisition. We clearly define all the job details with attention to the minutest details. The SOW will entail all the obligations the contractor needs to fulfill, payment methods, and other details to bring transparency and clarity to the agreement and avoid legal complications.

RFP (Request for Proposal) based Staffing Solutions

Saviance offers customized recruitment solutions to source qualified talent and ensures our clients get the best fit with cost efficiency. With our RFP-based staffing solutions, we help our clients in documentation to attract proposals from many interested companies to bid for projects listed by the client. We help clients with RFP-Request for Proposals, list open positions, and assess requests from small and big organizations.

Companies receive RFP based on the RFI-Request for Information which needs meticulous attention to include all the details of the project management with caution. It will mention all the job details, budget, and well-defined steps that will be required for project completion efficiently. We assist in formalizing the agreement between our client and the company. Our experts help in the MSA- Master Services Agreement that will define the collaboration between our client and the company.

RFP (Request for Proposal) based Staffing Solutions

Saviance helps you select the best and most qualified candidates. Benefit from the rich and vast experience of an agile team.